BOSTON black mbA

Victor Gonzalez
Advisory Board Member

A successful Sales and Human Resources Leader, Victor Scapicchio managed retail sales and service functions with the primary goal to serve the customers' total financial service needs and increased market share, wallet share and profitability. Victor created a robust sales and service organization that promoted teamwork with line of business partners and other corporate departments, trained and coached a successfu

l sales team through the development of staff to differentiate service delivery. Victor also administered business development goals and objectives, staffing models, schedules and performance standards. He Lead a team of professionals through empowerment and change that will allow them to grow personally while increasing the company’s ROI.

Driven by a strong sense of urgency and incredible high energy, he enjoys and thrives on change under fire in crisis situations. He is at his best when turning uncertainty and chaos into order and harmony. Resourceful and innovative, he always searches out new ways to find efficacy in processes, procedures and business operations while maximizing on peoples’ strengths and empowering through teamwork and inclusiveness.

Victor inherited his agile learning, resilience and positive outlook in life from his mother, a lifelong business entrepreneur, who earned her reputation as the “person who always had everyone’s best interest and always saw the best in everything even in times of adversity.” by fostering opening communication, building trust, empowering others and creating inclusiveness in everything she did.

Along with revitalizing ailing organizations through game-changing turnarounds, Victor dramatically improves the health of the organization culture and workplace environment. His mission with transformation is to bring inclusiveness, innovation and creativity with each worker by creating a space of trust and teamwork. He believes in being responsible for the growth and development of the people at his organizations, and is passionate about helping them realize their career dreams through proactive coaching and mentorship allowing them to progress to leadership roles.

With more than 20 years broad-based general management experience, he understands how each part of an operation functions on a deep level. He also knows that it is imperative for organizations to continuously review their strategic plans to further their goals. Another lesson learned is that, above mentoring, coaching and leading, one must be capable of motivating others to drive the mission and vision of the organization while embracing the company’s core values.

With a Master’s degree from Rollins College School of Management and many years of experience managing program development, generating community support, spearheading public relations, and creating and implementing comprehensive training and development programs, Victor is very talented, organized and inspired person.

Victor is an influential individual who educates all by sharing his talents, time, and successes with his community and numerous organizations. His demeanor expands into the services performed, with unparalleled results, to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando as a Human Capital Project Manager, where he successfully structured a detailed protocol for the organizations Human Resource and recruiting department. Also, during his term serving as the President for the National Society of Hispanic MBAs: South Florida Chapter, Victor was recognized for bringing the NSHMBA South Florida Chapter as chapter of the year among its 41 peers. Victor was recognized then for his commitment to inclusiveness, teamwork and partnership with the community to provide programs and scholarships that enhanced the career wellbeing of the South Florida community while providing MBA opportunities for Hispanics.