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​​Thoughts on Leadership
Dimond DeGrace

True leadership is not something you are necessarily born with nor is it something that can be awarded or assigned. In order to become a leader, first notice certain traits and characteristics in a person you look up to, such as, the way they carry themselves, their ability to adapt or even their communication skills, and apply it to your life. Make it a requirement to have an open mind to become inspired to be a better you and overachieve your own expectations in addition to other people's expectations of yourself.

Having a vision, mission and core values as a leader is important. I believe that President Obama is a prime example of an effective leader. He represents what a leader should be. Among his many accomplishments, he carried out his vision that every person can have health care and made it a reality. Also first lady Michelle Obama had a vision for eating healthy and exercising and incorporated it into schools and even planted a garden on the White House lawn.

In order to be a Leader of Tomorrow I know that I would have to surround myself with positive people that inspire me so I can be a positive inspiration to others.

Dimond DeGrace is a Leader in the Boston Chapter Leaders of Tomorrow program. To learn more about the program contact

Boston Black MBA Thoughts on Leadership
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