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To become a leading youth mentoring program responsible for both developing and increasing the number of diverse high school students who pursue educational opportunities in preparation for professional and entrepreneurship careers, and become future business and community leaders.


To provide professional and leadership developmental opportunities through structured mentoring, monthly interactive learning workshops, professional exposure, college prep, and financial literacy skills training.

Founded in 1991 at the 13th Annual National Black MBA Association® (NBMBAA) Conference and Exposition in New York, Leaders of Tomorrow® (LOT) is an academic enrichment and leadership program serving high school students who demonstrate leadership potential. The LOT program currently serves hundreds of young adults, ages 14-18, in chapters throughout the United States and Canada, along with a contingency in London.

For 20 years, National Black MBA Association members have been mentoring high school students all across the country — helping them integrate professional development into their lifestyles, prepare for college, learn how to effectively network, and above all, give back to their communities, and raise their level of expectation.

LOT's goal is for each Leader to attend college on a full or partial scholarship with an internship that relates to their chosen course of study. To attain this goal we assist all of our Leaders of Tomorrow participants by providing:

  • Leadership
  • Academics Enrichment
  • Professional Development
  • Community Service opportunities
  • Securing Internships & Scholarships
  • Goal Setting and Attainment
  • Our Commitment to our Leaders.
  • Monthly Workshop Series on career goals, personal development, and preparation for the college experience.
  • Assistance with the scholarship application process (Juniors and Seniors only).
  • Exposure to and networking with minority business professionals; increasing the opportunity for an internship offer.
  • The chance to meet and network with thousands of MBA professionals and other LOT Leaders at the NBMBAA LOT National Training Conference.