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Leaders of Tomorrow Graduate Aaron Guerrier
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Aaron Guerrier is a graduate of the Academy of Pacific. He is the recipient of the Posse Scholarship and the LOT Student Leader Scholarship. He was accepted to Center College in Kentucky and recently started his freshman semester. Here, he shares his experience with the Boston Chapter’s Leaders of Tomorrow program.

1. How do you feel about LOT turning 25 years old?
I feel excited that it has been around so long. I think about all the opportunities people of color have received through the years through this great program. This program has changed a lot of people’s lives including my own life.

2. How did you get connected to the program?
My mother heard about it through friends and she asked to me to look into it. I myself was skeptical at first, as I did not know what the program had to offer. I attended my first session in 2012 as a freshman and continued to attend. As a result, I started to see the value the program provided. It gave me more of a purpose of what I wanted to do for my future. It really brought me closer to what I want to do with my life. LOT gave me motivation to strive for better grades and I can say it really helped me with time management skills.

3. Tell me about an experience that profoundly impacted you?
I remember the first time I went to LOT with my mother. I was the first person in the room before the room filled up. I remember the speech by LOT alumnus and immediate past president Gary Morton. When he came in the room, there was a high level of energy. It was a success story that I felt I could emulate. I decided I wanted to be a successful guy like Gary and it spurred my interest even further into the program.

4. Are there any mentors that stood out to you?
Rabbi Bristol. Claude Paillant, Gary Morton, and Hamil Husbands. There are so many people who have impacted me and changed the way I view myself, it is hard to go back and name everyone.

5. Tell us how have your LOT mentors helped you through the years?
I have done two case competitions under the guidance of my mentors, and it has helped to tremendously develop my confidence and ability to analyze business cases. They have set an example and taught me what it takes for me to be successful. All of them have helped with giving direction on how to approach life and where I want to go.

6. What has your experience been with the other students in the program?
Once you make a friendship within LOT, it’s the start of your first networking experience. You get to connect with the older students and you follow their examples and where they are going and keep in touch. Brandon Ford, a former LOT student that now goes to Bentley, was a great example for me. It is great to have another layer of mentors within the program who are only a few years ahead of me.

7. What would you tell other students that may be interested in the program?
Opportunities are key to life and LOT has provided plenty of opportunities to network, develop professionally, and grow as an individual. If you don’t have these opportunities in life, you may not reach your goals. LOT for me was a great opportunity. I was able to do case competitions and attend job fairs. It has been a tremendous opportunity to prepare myself for success.

8. What are your career goals?
I want to find a job in the medical field and major in biology. I want to be a sports medicine physician and do that with my life.

9. Years from now, what would you remember about LOT?
I will never forget the first time going to LOT conference in Houston. I got to see so many successful people such as the CEOs of McDonald's, ExxonMobil, and many great people. I kept thinking that my dreams are no longer out of reach. I am closer to my goals. It’s more of a tangible thing now and more viable because of the LOT experience. My mindset has changed, and I am better positioned for success. Both LOT and NBMBAA provide great brand recognition for me. I can go to an employer and college and they will recognize what that means and they know that it is rigorous and it helps you stand out even more.

10: What message do you have for sponsors that support LOT?

Keep on supporting it, the funding is going to a good place. LOT is giving back. LOT is getting results for myself and other LOT alums that have gone through the program. LOT is definitely a great investment!